Microsoft Edge minus Bing equals Excellent Browser

Microsoft Edge (the Chromium version) is an excellent browser for use in I.T. scenarios. Particularly better than Google Chrome when it comes to resource management, IE-mode with the enterprise-mode site list, direct single-sign-on integration with Windows’ “Access Work or School” within the Microsoft 365 suite, and near-infinitely customisable with group policy. Even the surf game… Continue reading Microsoft Edge minus Bing equals Excellent Browser

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Error 0xc00002e2 on a Domain Controller

STATUS_DS_INIT_FAILURE – 0xc00002e2 I’ve run into this one a few times now. The usual cause is an improper shutdown, usually a power failure etc. Essentially, your Active Directory Domain Services database (located in C:\Windows\NTDS\ntds.dit) is unhappy for some reason (usually data corruption). Most often the cause is a bad logfile in the same directory. First… Continue reading Error 0xc00002e2 on a Domain Controller

Bypassing Windows DHCP authorisation

Sometimes it’s necessary to force-authorise a Windows DHCP server. Unfortunately you’re not able to use the built-in MMC Snap-In to do this. Here are a set of registry entries to bypass/restore authorisation:

Upgrading Windows 10 outside of Windows Update

Windows Update is great and has vastly improved upon its predecessor (Microsoft Update) over the years. When it breaks however, it can be REALLY painful to get it back on track. Windows Media Creation Tool to the rescue, right? While it doesn’t seem logical, it turns out that the tool can also facilitate an in-place… Continue reading Upgrading Windows 10 outside of Windows Update

Bloody Telstra…

Working within the Managed Services Provider environment, I’m required to liaise directly with Telstra on our client’s behalf. By far, it’s the worst part of my job. The time this consumes is incredible, especially considering how little progress I make during that time on the phone/email. Here are some of the major problems I’ve noticed/encountered.… Continue reading Bloody Telstra…

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